5 Smart Post Workout Snacks

Vitamin CGood nutrition is the foundation of any workout routine. Whether you workout in the morning or the evening, a snack after you exercise is essential. Snacking and exercise are synonymous; you don’t want to be famished by lunch or dinner resulting in bad choices like binging out on high-calorie, high-cholesterol, and sodium-filled foods. You also want to ensure that your body is repairing muscle tissue and replenishing depleted glycogen stores after strenuous exertion. Post workout snacks should be high in protein, contain essential minerals, be whole foods, and, of course, be available and easy. Below are some gluten-free, nutritious, and convenient snacks to add to your well balanced diet and to keep you satiated.

1. Chocolate “Milkshake”
We know what you’re thinking, that there is no way a chocolate milkshake is healthy. That is true, but this superfood packed, vegan smoothie is filling and satisfying–you almost feel like you’re cheating!

Cacao Avocado Smoothie
serves 1

1 cup unsweetened almond milk
½ ripe avocado, pitted
2 TBL raw cacao
1 TBL coconut oil
1 date, pitted

Blend everything in a powerful blender until completely smooth and drink immediately.

2. Organic Grass-fed Beef or Turkey Jerky
Jerky is protein-rich, full of iron, and has hardly any fat or carbohydrates. This lean snack promotes good blood health, making it ideal for energy support after an aerobic activity. It is also budget friendly to buy a pack of jerky and throw it in your gym bag for after your workout–it will not spoil and you can find it at any grocery store. Just don’t overindulge in too much jerky as it has a high sodium content.

3. Apple Slices, Turkey, and Cheese
This snack is packed with lean protein, energy boosting carbohydrates and is high in fiber from the apple slices. It is sandwich fillings, without the sandwich. Simply slice a cored apple into rounds, spread a soft cheese wedge or two over your slices, then top with thin slices of antibiotic-free turkey. This is a great make-ahead, on-the-go snack, for the office or even in the car.

4. Greek Yogurt and Fruit
Yogurt is a great post workout snack because it comes in convenient, inexpensive to-go packages. Snacking on 4oz of Greek yogurt is low-calorie, high protein, and it’s creamy texture almost feels a little decadent. Add some fresh berries for an antioxidant boost.

5. Ants on a Log, But for Adults
This might sound like a snack from grade school, but with a few adjustments it makes a great post workout snack. Instead of traditional peanut butter for the celery filling, switch it up with almond butter which is rich in cholesterol reducing fats (monounsaturated fats) as well as being antioxidant-rich. Instead of raisins, try black currants which are high in Vitamin C, manganese, iron, and potassium.