About Us

Welcome to the Health Research Laboratories Family

At HRL we are proud to provide our loyal customer base with a comprehensive suite of the best health and vitality supplements available. Since 1995 our talented team of researchers, nutritionists, doctors and chemists have worked to develop and produce high-quality nutritional supplements for every type of customer. Whether you hope to boost your metabolism, protect your vital organs or renew your love life, HRL has the perfect solution.

Superior Standards of Excellence

Working out of our Houston, Texas laboratories, our health and wellness experts adhere to stringent standards of high quality and industry ethics. Our number one priority at HRL is your health and safety, so we manufacture only the finest ingredients from around the world into our formulas. Our elite team of professionals diligently test every product from every possible angle so you are ensured the best quality available by modern science.

100% Safe Nutraceuticals from HRL

When HRL was founded, the vitamin and natural testosterone supplement industry was in its infancy. A dedicated team of innovators in their respective fields came together with the common goal to develop alternatives to the potentially dangerous, chemical laden drugs on the market. Using a balance of tried-and-true, ancient herbal cures and modern innovation in the laboratory, we began producing products that would not only get customers the results they so richly deserved, but also safeguard them from the risky side effects of pharmaceuticals.

The HRL Promise

We know you’ll be blown away by the results you experience, so we aren’t afraid to promise a 30 day risk free trial of all our products. Our commitment to your satisfaction is paramount, so if for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will refund your purchase. No fine print, no explanation needed; we simply want you to be thrilled with your new, rejuvenated body.

Join the HRL family today, and experience the change you’ve been waiting for! Call us today to ask questions or start your order at 800-417-4432.