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The Five Reasons Why Most Nutritional Supplement Programs Fail

I was recently speaking to a athletic coach who regularly recommends a comprehensive nutritional program with his clients. He told me that while many of his athletes were enthusiastic about getting started, others were skeptical—one of the most common symptoms of MLM (multi-level marketing): product let down. I also spoke to three athletes who simply… Read more »

Detoxifying Power of Beets

Liver health might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about making healthier lifestyle options, but perhaps that’s something to reconsider. Our liver is way more important than your think. This one organ affects many other aspects of your health ranging from blood, digestive, heart, and adrenal health. Let’s dive… Read more »

Antioxidants – Double-Edged Sword

We all know that free radicals are harmful to our health and that we need to eat antioxidant-rich foods and take an antioxidant formula to protect ourselves. But most people really don’t understand what free radicals are, how they work and if the antioxidants they are eating or taking are really working. Is your body… Read more »

It’s All About Recovery

Protecting Your Health: It’s All About Recovery I am fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the country that offers me both access to the beach for relaxing evening strolls and the mountains for vigorous hikes to spectacular vistas. But when it comes to my physical work outs, I default every 4 days or… Read more »

How to Best Take Multivitamins

How to best take a multivitamin? On first thought, what could be so complicated about taking a multivitamin? Yet, as a doctor, over the years I have heard tens of variations of the simple question, how to take a multivitamin. In fact, the seemingly simple task of how to take a multivitamin is actually very… Read more »

Which Multivitamin to Take?

If you have been a follower of my weekly blogs, you’ll know that one of my prime missions is to educate people on the power of whole foods support. If you are still relying on a synthetic, isolated multivitamin, I hope this post will provide you with new insight into why this is so important…. Read more »

Nutritional Supplements and Why You Need Them

Nutritional Supplements: Who needs them? Can you be optimally healthy without taking supplements? In short, the answer is no. You can take my word for it and stop here, or read on for the supporting evidence. In theory, it does make sense that we should be able to depend on a healthy diet to supply… Read more »

Take Magnesium, Not Calcium, for Bones

In the first post in the series, I shared with you what a mineral is and why magnesium is the king in our body. In the second post, I discussed how diet and other lifestyle issues have led to an epidemic of magnesium deficiency which can lead to multiple unrecognized everyday issues and be part… Read more »

Magnesium – Assess and Restore

In this final post on magnesium we will focus on how you can assess and optimize your magnesium levels for powerful benefits in health and well-being. Assessing Magnesium Levels Part of the reason why magnesium deficiencies remain undetected is because they are difficult to accurately and affordably assess. And even when they are assessed by… Read more »

The Most Important Mineral, Part 2

“Magnesium deficiency is as a serious health problem here in the United States. Magnesium plays a key role in more than 350 enzymes in the body and is involved in virtually every metabolic process.” – Rick Cohen, M.D. We all know about calcium but it is the mineral magnesium which we need to focus. Please… Read more »