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Finding Your Healthiest Diet

In last week’s posts I shared with you information that shows why what you eat makes such a huge difference to your health and longevity. This week I want to provide you with a meaningful strategy on how you can determine your personalized “healthy” diet. Avoid toxic foods. Whether you eat paleo, keto, low carb,… Read more »

What You Eat Really Does Matter

From a nutritionally oriented physician, this is a sad tale. In four years of medical school we had only one class on nutrition and that came in the first semester of our first year. It was by far the lowest on the totem pole of our education. Conspicuously this class was after lunch on Wednesdays… Read more »

Don’t Confuse Physical Fitness and Physiological Health

The major point of this article is that you should never mistake physical fitness for physiological fitness and health. If you do, for many results are less or will be less than expected, for some the result will be injury, fatigue and other metabolic issues, and for a small but growing and unacceptable minority, sudden… Read more »

Tending To Your Gut Microbiome

Tending to Your Microbiome We now understand that the GI tract is a highly evolved microbiome (the combined mircroorganisms found in a particular environment) that serves as the body’s second brain. In fact, the specific types and ratios of organisms your gut contains determines how your body responds to the food you eat—whether it’s used… Read more »

Is The Keto Diet For You?

As a physician and educator, people frequently ask me what the best diet is for them. The problem is there are so many options that completely are opposite from vegan and low fat to paleo and primal to those in the middle such as Whole 30 and Mediterranean. Add in the latest diet program written… Read more »

Your Brain: Use It Or Lose It

Keeping your brain active is important to keep it functioning well. I am traveling with my son for 2 weeks in Australia. While it is awesome to visit new places and eat new foods, one of the things I look forward most about traveling is to get out of my everyday routine. While Australia is… Read more »

We All Need Nutritional Supplements

Why We All Need Nutritional Supplements Even with a Perfect Diet First of all, the obvious is nobody has a perfect diet because nobody knows what is a perfect diet? Does it mean your foods are organic? Raw? Organic? Slow-cooked? Eaten right off the vine? Perfectly balanced? That you eat all animal parts? That you… Read more »

Want to Live Long? Master These Seven Functional Measurements

Master these seven functional movements for optimal health and longevity. As a biomedical engineer, physician and human performance and longevity enthusiast, I am super excited about the bevy of ways I can track my health and performance at home. I currently have tracking devices at home that allow me to measure my sleep length and… Read more »

Don’t Let Your Bones Fail You!

To track the health of its population, the federal government undertakes a massive health survey of the U.S. population every two years, known as the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). Beginning in 2005, the survey has included bone mineral density measurements — and the most recent report shows a generalized decline in bone… Read more »

Why Carrots Are Orange and Beets Are Red

Antioxidants work by protecting your cells from damaging molecules called free radicals, which are produced in the body as a natural by-product of metabolism. Just as metal rusts and a slice of apple browns in the presence of oxygen, free radical damage triggers changes in the structure of otherwise healthy cells; they are an underlying… Read more »