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Are You Deficient in Iodine?

Recently, I shared with you the importance of iodine to our health beyond the common knowledge of an anti-septic. Iodine is critical in supporting thyroid function and regulating metabolism, boosting energy levels (when iodine is deficient), supporting and maintaining detoxification systems and processes, supporting immune system function, fighting infections (natural antiseptic), preventing fibrocystic breast disease… Read more »

Natural Sweeteners That Are Healthier Than Refined Sugar

Sweeteners: The Good, Bad and Ugly As I have discussed many times, one of the worst substances you can eat for your health and longevity is sugar. And in recent years, more and more studies are revealing the broad scope of the negative consequences of a diet that’s high in sugar. Our collective sweet tooth… Read more »

Iodine – Way more than an Antiseptic Lotion

Quick question. Why does your body need Iodine? Most people only know iodine as something in an ointment that is used to clean a minor skin wound, comes in tablets to purify drinking water or maybe something you take to protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Few people know that iodine is an essential… Read more »

The Most Common Sign of a Thyroid Problem

Have you recently noticed that you are having trouble moving your bowel and when you do it is a struggle and your stool is small or dry even though you haven’t changed your diet? You may have then tried to change your diet, increased your water and fiber intake but found that didn’t make much of… Read more »

Nighttime Routine

Seven Scientifically Proven Habits for Deep Sleep and Stress Recovery In the past month, I have shared with you how handle stress can affect how you physical, mentally and sexual vitality. And one of the most powerful ways to lessen these effects are to get a solid night sleep. But for many people this is… Read more »

Exercises for Optimal Sexual Health

Last week, I shared with you the powerful effects that physical activity can have on your sexual health. This week I’ll share with you 9 easy exercises, that require no equipment that you can start to today. 1. Kegels: Not Just for Women Like all of our muscles—these pelvic muscles tend to get weaker with… Read more »

Got ED? Start Moving

Over the past year, we have discussed the importance of testosterone and nitric oxide for overall sexual, mental and physical health. In addition, we have discussed the importance of regular movement that includes a few sessions weekly of high intensity intervals balanced by longer slow enjoyable movement and recovery. In today’s post, I want to… Read more »

The Yin and Yang of Iron

Iron deficiency is present in over 40% of woman and 20% of men! This very common and easily remedied deficiency causes you to experience less energy and endurance and a variety of everyday maladies including more frequent infections. Adequate levels of iron are essential for everyone, especially for those who are physically active because iron… Read more »

Stress Ages Us: Tackle These Common Causes

Last week I discussed the importance of hormone balance and then specifically how imbalances in both cortisol rhythm and level effect everyday life, cause disease and age us more rapidly. While we are aware of the large stressors such as those caused by lifestyle, lack of sleep, illness or death in the family, relocation, change… Read more »

The Stress: The Good and Bad

Modern medicine is reductionistic. It searches for a single problem that can be given a name and then treated by a pharmaceutical agent that has a direct action on that problem that makes the symptoms of the problem go away. It almost never fixes the problem or addresses the bigger picture of why the problem… Read more »