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The Power of Small Change

In this Ted Talk, Barry Schwartz’s talks about the “paradox of choice” and why an abundance of choice often making people miserable. This is very similar to why when people are told or decide to “change everything”, they are almost always are overwhelmed and change nothing.   So the secret to powerful long lasting change… Read more »

Why We Need Antioxidants and Which Are the Best Ones

Just about everybody has heard the word antioxidant. Over the past few years, articles touting the benefits of natural antioxidants—such as vitamins C and E and those found in green tea—have been mentioned in countless magazine and newspaper articles. Yet, even with all the press, most people don’t understand the physiological reason why they need… Read more »

Free Radicals – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

We all know people when we were younger that your parents said you should not hang around because they were constantly in fights or getting into trouble. But perhaps, for some reason, they liked you.  And you found that they were both protection and liability all wrapped up in one. You had to know how… Read more »

Ten-Step Detox

Over the past few blogs, I have shared with you the challenge we all face from the countless number of toxins we are exposed to in our environment and why these toxins are a hidden cause of everyday health issues as well as a major factor in the cause of disease. In addition, last week,… Read more »

Assess Your Toxin Load

As I discussed in my previous posts, toxins are not only a challenge to our health but a challenge to determine which and how they are effecting your body. Unfortunately standard lab assessments do not assess toxic load and there is not one specialty lab or assessment available that will give you all the information… Read more »

How Toxins Affect You

As I have discussed in the last two posts, in the modern world we are constantly exposed to environmental chemicals and toxins, and depending on our body’s ability to deal with these toxins, your health can be severely impaired and your life length diminished. Toxins kill cells of the body and those cell lines killed… Read more »

The Toxin Soup

Our environment and food supply are fraught with hidden chemicals. Herbicides and pesticides are sprayed regularly on farms, forests, orchards, lawns and gardens. Industries are dumping their waste products into the water supply, which pollutes the water you drink. Tons of pharmaceutical and synthetic estrogens secreted by menopausal women pollute our streams and rivers. I… Read more »

Stop Poisoning Yourself, Please!

Over the past year I have shared with you a bunch of information that you can use to enhance your health, vitality and longevity. Some of this information I learned from long-lived Blue Zone cultures and included regularly eating whole foods, getting deep sleep, having a strong community and moving slow regularly and fast and… Read more »

How Old Are You Really?

We all know people who look old in their 30’s and those that look great into their 80’s. In today’s world, while your chronological age may let you know how many candles to put on your sugar-free, gluten-free chocolate cake, it is much less significant in determining your true biological age. The problem is that… Read more »

Telomere – The Hard Truth of Aging

Last week, I spoke to you about the amazing longevity of lobsters and how they never age as they get older. This week, I am going to lay down some hard truth. First the good news: It has been proven time and time again that when you follow a lifestyle as the cultures in the… Read more »