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Aging: Weighing the Good with the Bad


There is no getting around it– we all age. The misconception is that aging is a bad thing, when really there are many benefits that come with age. With age comes wisdom, knowledge, and experience. As you get older you tend to be happier because you are able to tap into a mature toolbox of… Read more »

5 Best Supplements for Men

best supplements for men

There are literally thousands of pills you could be taking to improve your health, but what really are the best supplements for men? The best ones tend to include as much of your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals as possible. Here are our top five ingredients to include in your daily routine. Fish Oil… Read more »

A Bone Health Plan: Vitamins, Exercise, and Rejuvalife


We all hear that we should drink more milk to keep our bones healthy, but what does it really mean to have strong bones? Before the age of 30, when bones typically reach peak bone mass, the body can create new bone deposits faster, allowing for strength and coordination. As we get older the balance… Read more »

3 Ways to Break the Bad Habits Affecting Your Health

Biozyme- Breaking Bad Habits

Sometimes habits are hard to break. Bad habits afflict us all, whether the fixation is a waste of time or simply no good for us. So often we act out of what we are used to and what we already know, instead of making a better choice. Often our bad habits affect our health, whether… Read more »

Demystifying the Fountain of Youth


The American author Mark Twain noted that,”life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.” Twain hasn’t been the only author or artist in history to share his objection with aging, and he certainly will not be that last. It is easy to see… Read more »

Digestive Health: 6 Best Road-Trip Snacks to Pack

Nutraclenz digestive health

As the summer winds down and the weather gets cooler, it is the perfect time of year for long weekends and short road trips. Don’t let the the car ride be an excuse to binge on potato chips, greasy burgers, and sugary drinks. These are the types of foods that destroy not only your digestive… Read more »

Aging Naturally: Getting the Nutrients You Need


The Effects of Aging at the Cellular Level It’s certainly not surprising that as we age our bodies change and require a more diligent approach to health and fitness, and avoiding the common cold or flu is a crucial component in the fight against aging. Staying healthy starts at the cellular level and providing our… Read more »

Manage Brain Health Through Diet, Fitness, and RejuvaLife

Brain boosters with rejuvalife

Your brain is your body’s greatest asset. Scientific research and discoveries continually change as we try to better understand how to maintain the brain’s function; especially, as we age. It is clear that the key to our long-term physical health (daily choices we make around diet, exercise and or supplements like RejuvaLifeQx), also impacts our… Read more »

Improve Your Liver Function: It’s Never Too Late!


With Age, Comes Loss As we age, we lose things. Whether it’s our vision, our hearing, or just our car keys, things just seem to disappear as we get older. It’s been proven that as we age, we lose the important vitamins that our organs need to function. The B6 vitamin is found naturally in… Read more »