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Rheumatism: What to Know, What to Eat, What to Do

Sign and Symptoms of Rheumatic Diseases Rheumatic diseases, like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, are extremely painful conditions that are caused by inflammation and swelling in the joints and muscles. Unfortunately, there are more than 100 rheumatic diseases, and almost any joint can be affected. With millions of people affected by these diseases, the goal is… Read more »

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Algae

Algae seems to be a buzzword these days finding its way in conversations not just about the green stuff found in murky backyard ponds, but as topics of discussion about renewable energy sources, health food supplements, and alternative additives to many food products! If you haven’t heard about algae in this context don’t fret, you’ve… Read more »

40 is the New 30…..But Not Really

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These days, the saying “40 is the new 30” is common. Unfortunately, it’s not accurate. The 10 years between 30 and 40 are some of the most pivotal in a man’s life, due to a number of factors including physical aging, work stress, and fatherhood. Between 30 and 40, men report the most “signs of… Read more »

Liver Function- Getting Friendly with Your Liver

If you were given an anatomy test right now could you point to where your liver is located, could you explain the basic function of liver, and could you tell me what would happen if something went wrong with your liver? If you’re sitting there scratching your head, puzzled, don’t worry you are not alone,… Read more »

How to Boost Your Immune System


After a long winter of exhaustive colds and immune system ravaging flu strains, it is time cleanse and rebuild your body’s defense system. Your immune system is more powerful than you may think– it defends you from disease-causing microorganisms that affect your well being, energy, and health. For natural immunity boosters, start by adopting healthy-living… Read more »

5 Natural Testosterone Boosters


What more can we say about testosterone that we don’t already know? Testosterone is the ultimate male hormone that controls your ability to build muscles, stimulate your sex drive, and keep body fat low. What you may not know is that your testosterone levels are affected by your diet, stress from work, and mismanaging workouts…. Read more »

Superfoods to Boost Your Overall Health

Need to boost your immune system, improve your love life, or lower your cholesterol? By adding a few superfoods into your diet you can see improvements throughout your overall health. Here are some of our favorite and easy ways to look and feel better. Digestion and Acid Re-flux: Apple Cider Vinegar Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar… Read more »

Five Warning Signs of Low Testosterone


Many men are afraid to ask the question, “Could I have Low T?” The sooner you educate yourself and start on a path towards rebuilding your testosterone levels, the easier it will be and the better you’ll feel. Here are a few warning signs you should be aware of, if you think you may be… Read more »

Sleep Better, Live Better!

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Sleep is an Important Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle In a world where the growing trend is to diet and exercise yourself to a healthier life, sleep takes a back seat. How many times have you heard the alarm go off to go to the gym on a dark morning and wished for five, ten,… Read more »

Post Workout Smoothies for Any Exercise

Working out, is well, hard work. Being mindful of how you refuel your body post-workout is a great way to keep you looking good, feeling healthy, and projecting confidence. A simple way to get the nutrients, vitamins, and proteins that you need to replenish your body is through a smoothie. Compiled here are a few… Read more »