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Detox: From the Inside- Out

Detox Inside- Out

Detox is more than just a diet. It is cleansing your body of toxins, pesticides, and chemical that have built up in our body from the food we consume, the clothes we wear, the water we drink, the environment around us, and the air we breathe. These chemical inhibit our body from functioning properly and… Read more »

5 Smart Post Workout Snacks

Vitamin C

Good nutrition is the foundation of any workout routine. Whether you workout in the morning or the evening, a snack after you exercise is essential. Snacking and exercise are synonymous; you don’t want to be famished by lunch or dinner resulting in bad choices like binging out on high-calorie, high-cholesterol, and sodium-filled foods. You also… Read more »

The Benefits of Horny Goat Weed’s Icariin to Enhance Vitality

Benefits of blue green algae, BioStem

Horny Goat Weed has been used as a supplement for centuries to treat various ailments and conditions. In Chinese medicine, it was used to increase sexual desire and to improve sexual performance. Although, the component found within HGW, icariin, can also be used to cure or ease other ailments such as fatigue, memory loss, high… Read more »

Three Natural Ways to Liver Enzyme Rejuvenation

Combat Aging Naturally

Your liver is responsible for an enormous number of metabolic activities, and you’ll need a plentiful supply of nutrients for your liver to function optimally. Here are a few simple, all natural ways to keep your liver healthy, as well as to keep you looking and feeling your best. 1. Foods for a Healthy and… Read more »

Herbal Testosterone Supplements

Herbal Testosterone

The following is an excerpt from a larger HRL publication on herbal testosterone Most middle aged men produce sufficient levels of testosterone, a key hormone that regulates sexual health, sexual desire, energy levels, mood, anabolic activity and several other bodily and mental functions. As men age, a number of men experience a decrease in testosterone… Read more »

Men’s Use of Testosterone Enhancing Supplements on the Rise

testosterone supplements

Middle aged men in America’s use of testosterone enhancing supplements is climbing rapidly, raising concerns as to why we lose so much testosterone as we age.  Studies are constantly done on the effects of LOW T on men as they pass middle age.  Diet can have a lot to do with decreased testosterone production, and lets be… Read more »


The health experts here at HRL have become increasingly concerned about all of the advertising dollars big pharma is spending on these low testosterone ads that tell men they need risky drugs to feel like a man again. Time and time again studies are showing that testosterone deficiency treatment in males is being extremely over… Read more »

DHEA for All Natural Male Nutrition

Male Testosterone Enhancement

Another product in our all natural testosterone increasing supplement line, MaximumT contains both Fenugreak and DHEA. Because both Fenugreek and DHEA, your body can naturally increases its testosterone levels, increase your energy level and boost stamina. Low T levels effects everything in Males from thinning hair to decreased libido. DHEA DHEA is short for dehydroepiandrosterone…. Read more »

Fenugreek for Male Nutrition: An Ingredient Breakdown

Natural Health Supplements

Fenugreek is an all natural male testosterone nutritional supplement.  The primary ingredient found in supplements such as Maximum T, it is a revolutionary new wonder herb.  Fenugreek is the only all natural herbal testosterone increasing extract that has been studied in laboratories and clinical studies.  It’s guaranteed to increase your testosterone when taken as a… Read more »

Natural Ingredients for Heart Health

heart health supplement

Heart Health Supplement Ingredients Our heart health supplement works to counter the buildup of plaque in the arteries and help strengthen your most important muscle. Almost 2,000 studies have been performed on the ingredients found in The Ultimate Heart Formula. Some of the notable super nutrients found in The Ultimate Heart Formula are: GINGER ROOT… Read more »