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Six Ways to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Do You Need A Liver Cleanse? Six Ways to Keep You Healthy. The liver is a workhorse. It’s your body’s primary filtration system—it converts toxins into waste products, cleanses your blood, metabolizes nutrients and medications, and produces proteins. And while a healthy liver naturally cleanses itself, it may not necessarily be functioning optimally if it’s… Read more »

Magnesium Holds the Key to Vitamin D Benefits

Magnesium holds the key to vitamin D benefits Our bodies are a complex biochemical, electrical system that relies on synergism and partnerships to not only avoid disease but to function optimally on a daily basis. To make things even more complicated each of us has our own unique genetics which results in differences in our… Read more »

It’s What You Don’t Do That Counts

The most important thing you can do for your health is the things you don’t do. By this I mean, while eating a whole foods diet if the food you are eating is pesticide laden and you are cooking it a Teflon pan or reheating in BPA plastic containers in the microwave. Or perhaps you… Read more »

Why the Mind Matters

If you want a healthy body, you must be able to process the food you eat to provide the critical energy and nutrients your body needs to power and repair. While most people assume that the digestive process begins in the mouth, it actually starts in the brain and is managed by the nervous system…. Read more »

Are Animal Nutrients Really Necessary?

The consumption of animal protein is a sensitive topic on many different levels. But from a purely scientific standpoint, the evidence weighs heavily in its favor. When compared gram for gram, scientific studies confirm that animal proteins are more easily and fully utilized than plant proteins. This makes sense given what we know about their… Read more »

We Need to Eat Healthy Fats

From a purely evolutionary perspective, fat has been the primary fuel source responsible for sustaining human life. Since this energy-dense macronutrient supported the growth and development of a more complex brain, fat is literally what made us human. Mastering the use of fire for cooking animal meat greatly reduced the incidence of foodborne illnesses, allowing… Read more »

Carbohydrates: What You Really Need to Know

If you have been alive more than 40 years, you have experienced both the low carb and high carb diet craze. Which is right or best for you? Before deciding that it is important to understand what a carbohydrate is, why it is necessary and where things can go wrong. While different types of carbohydrates… Read more »

Building Strong Bones: The Calcium Myth

In her book, Better Bones, Better Body, Dr. Susan Brown writes, “Over and over we are told to consume adequate calcium. What we are not told, however, is that we also need other bone building nutrients.” If you regularly follow health and fitness news, you may have seen or heard about the many, recent studies… Read more »

The Truth About Soy

In reality, soy isn’t a “health” food, it’s a disease food. Why? Because it contains a lot of really nasty stuff. Like huge amounts of phytoestrogens (which increase fat production and cause hormonal imbalances in both men and women), enzyme inhibitors (which interfere with protein digestion), haemagluttin (which causes red blood cells to clump together,… Read more »

Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Do You Really Need to Get the Flu Shot? “It’s flu season!” You hear the ads on the radio and see them on television; you can’t escape the fact that the “flu shot is available here!” (fill in the name of the pharmacy or department store nearest you.) It’s a highly personal decision whether you… Read more »