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Exercises for Optimal Sexual Health

Last week, I shared with you the powerful effects that physical activity can have on your sexual health. This week I’ll share with you 9 easy exercises, that require no equipment that you can start to today. 1. Kegels: Not Just for Women Like all of our muscles—these pelvic muscles tend to get weaker with… Read more »

Got ED? Start Moving

Over the past year, we have discussed the importance of testosterone and nitric oxide for overall sexual, mental and physical health. In addition, we have discussed the importance of regular movement that includes a few sessions weekly of high intensity intervals balanced by longer slow enjoyable movement and recovery. In today’s post, I want to… Read more »

The Yin and Yang of Iron

Iron deficiency is present in over 40% of woman and 20% of men! This very common and easily remedied deficiency causes you to experience less energy and endurance and a variety of everyday maladies including more frequent infections. Adequate levels of iron are essential for everyone, especially for those who are physically active because iron… Read more »

Stress Ages Us: Tackle These Common Causes

Last week I discussed the importance of hormone balance and then specifically how imbalances in both cortisol rhythm and level effect everyday life, cause disease and age us more rapidly. While we are aware of the large stressors such as those caused by lifestyle, lack of sleep, illness or death in the family, relocation, change… Read more »

The Stress: The Good and Bad

Modern medicine is reductionistic. It searches for a single problem that can be given a name and then treated by a pharmaceutical agent that has a direct action on that problem that makes the symptoms of the problem go away. It almost never fixes the problem or addresses the bigger picture of why the problem… Read more »

How to Get Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Our human bodies function best when we eat foods similar to those eaten by our primitive ancestors—lean, wild meats, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and a balanced supply of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. And when it comes to essential fats, a healthy balance between omega 3 to omega 6 is one of… Read more »

My Sunday Brunch Health Lesson

I stumbled across an interesting research article that led me to want to share a brunch story with you. My wife and I had a wonderful brunch yesterday. We were on a short get away prior to a personal engagement and decided to treat ourselves. It has been a number of years since we have… Read more »

Biomarkers of Health and Longevity

Every year many of us go to our doctor and get a physical and blood panel and as long as our cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar aren’t out of range, we are given a clean bill of health and sent along our way. While we all want to be free of active diagnosable disease,… Read more »

The Five Reasons Why Most Nutritional Supplement Programs Fail

I was recently speaking to a athletic coach who regularly recommends a comprehensive nutritional program with his clients. He told me that while many of his athletes were enthusiastic about getting started, others were skeptical—one of the most common symptoms of MLM (multi-level marketing): product let down. I also spoke to three athletes who simply… Read more »

Detoxifying Power of Beets

Liver health might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think about making healthier lifestyle options, but perhaps that’s something to reconsider. Our liver is way more important than your think. This one organ affects many other aspects of your health ranging from blood, digestive, heart, and adrenal health. Let’s dive… Read more »