Detox: From the Inside- Out

Detox Inside- OutDetox is more than just a diet. It is cleansing your body of toxins, pesticides, and chemical that have built up in our body from the food we consume, the clothes we wear, the water we drink, the environment around us, and the air we breathe. These chemical inhibit our body from functioning properly and make us feel tired and sluggish.

To detox effectively, you must have a structured plan to serve as a map and a support system in place to provide encouragement, and most importantly accountability. To enjoy life to its fullest, we must have vibrant health and wellness.

1. Detox Your Diet
Detoxing your diet means eliminating fatty, sodium-rich processed foods. Eating whole, organic foods is essential to detoxing your body from toxins. This includes meats and produce that has been farmed conventionally with hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Also staying away from caffeine and alcohol is necessary for blood health and for your digestive system to get a kick start in flushing out the toxins. By eliminating the most common food allergens, your body can spend energy cleansing and healing.

Juicing, making smoothies, brewing some tea, and sipping on soup is a great way to ease the work of your digestive system, allowing it to flush the toxins out more easily. Pack these liquids with restorative ingredients and nutrients that support your liver detoxification like leafy greens, avocados, lemons, and wheat grass.

2. Sweat Out the Toxins
Exercise is an essential part of a balanced, healthy life, but when you perspire, you are also purging toxins. Work up a sweat at least 4 days a week by doing yoga or tai chi because not only does it keep you active, but keeps you present. You can even visit a sauna to get perspiring and don’t forget to drink lots of filtered water!

Another benefit to fasting and regular exercise, you are bound to lose unwanted, excess weight. By taking time to detox and change your lifestyle, you will gain insight to your past food patterns and exercise habits.

3. Breathe Deeply
Detoxing is a great time to achieve mental clarity in your life. After the first few days of detox, people tend to feel lighter, more focused, and even have more energy. Fasting promotes not only a healthier digestive system, but allows to break emotional patterns and enhance spiritual connections. By having a greater awareness, you have the opportunity to clarify issues and determine the source of unpleasantness in your life.

The benefits of detoxification are physical restoration and beginning a process of rebuilding an inner connection with your physical body.