Fenugreek for Male Nutrition: An Ingredient Breakdown

Fenugreek is an all natural male testosterone nutritional supplement.  The primary ingredient found in supplements such as Maximum T, it is a revolutionary new wonder herb.  Fenugreek is the only all natural herbal testosterone increasing extract that has been studied in laboratories and clinical studies.  It’s guaranteed to increase your testosterone when taken as a daily supplement.

 What is Fenugreek?

Natural Health SupplementsLet’s look at the history of this testosterone increasing herb.

Fenugreek is an annual plant in the fabaceae family that is cultivated worldwide.  Fenugreek seeds have been discovered in the Middle East and have dated back to well before 4000 BC.  India is the largest producer of Fenugreek in the world and has been using it medicinally for hundreds of years.

When not broken down into a more powerful extract, fenugreek is used as a culinary herb.  Fenugreek is also a vegetable and has long been used in curry for Indian cuisine and Persian as well as Middle Eastern cuisine.

A recent study by a center for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine have found that men ages 25-55 given a fenugreek supplement twice daily for six weeks showed a 25% increase in testosterone and libido.  Testosterone in males is the most growth inducing hormone in the body. Increases in testosterone also lead to increases in fertility and improved sexual health, as well as stimulating your immune system.  Fenugreek is an all natural herb, so you do not experience any of the side effects that come along with illegal anabolic steroids.  Taking illegal steroids will shut down your body’s natural testosterone production.  Fenugreek will help your body increase more.

Fenugreek for Male Nutrition

Fenugreek contains compounds called Saponins.  Saponins are where we believe the testosterone increasing properties in Fenugreek come from.  These compounds are known to effect hormone levels in the body, both men and women.  One particular saponin called diosgenin is thought to effect the production of human sex hormones.

Along with Fenugreek, you can also find the following all natural testosterone enhancing herbs in Maximum T:

  •  Ginko Biloba:  Increases energy and sex drive
  •  L Arginine: Increases blood flow
  •  Mucuna Pruriens: Anti-aging properties
  •  Tribulus Terrestris: Another testosterone increasing ingredient
  •  Korean Ginseng: Focus and sexual stamina
  •  Eurycoma Longifolia: Testosterone production
  •  ZMA: Increased muscle mass
  •  Vitex Angus-Castus:  Decreases estrogen