Five Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

icariinMany men are afraid to ask the question, “Could I have Low T?” The sooner you educate yourself and start on a path towards rebuilding your testosterone levels, the easier it will be and the better you’ll feel. Here are a few warning signs you should be aware of, if you think you may be affected by diminished testosterone levels.

Low Sexual Energy

Many men think that this is the be-all end-all of low testosterone but in reality, it is just one of many symptoms that may or may not affect you if your levels are down. Everyone is different when it comes to desire, but if your drive is totally depleted, it’s time to get help. When nitric oxide can’t be released due to low testosterone, erectile dysfunction can even result. This is not a condition you have to live with though–luckily there are many all natural remedies.


Feeling like you’ve literally run out of gas is a major sign of low testosterone. When you are significantly more tired than usual after a day of work, consider looking into a testosterone boosting supplement with trusted ingredients like icariin to get you back on your feet.


When you can’t seem to get up on the right side of the bed and are feeling blue, low testosterone levels could be to blame. More noticeable than a usual “lousy day” and lasting for weeks at a time, these moods are a sign it’s time to get help. On the flipside, low testosterone can also trigger bouts of irritability and anger that is otherwise out of character.

Reduced Muscle Mass

If you have plateaued or even gone backwards in your weight routine at the gym, or are struggling with household tasks that should be easy, it’s possible your muscle mass is diminishing due to low testosterone levels. It can be very difficult to regain lost mass without the aid of a safe and revitalizing testosterone supplement.

Increased Body Fat

On the flipside, men with low testosterone may experience an unexpected increase in body fat, even if they are maintaining their usual lifestyle, eating and exercise habits. Weight that gathers around the midsection and chest is the most tell-tale sign that it is due to low T.

Don’t let low testosterone scare you any longer. The neutraceutical professionals at Health Research Laboratories offer a range all natural, safe alternatives to dangerous pharmaceuticals. Treat your low T with effective, revitalizing natural ingredients like icariin, horny goat weed and other time tested herbal remedies that will wow you with their results.