Liver Damage Symptoms- Educate Yourself, Stay Informed

Educate about liver healthAs you get older the many years of substance abuse, whether ongoing or having taken place in an earlier life, will start to take its toll on your body both internally and externally. Your hard-working liver is extremely susceptible to these toxic invaders. And because the liver plays so many vital roles in your overall health and well-being, an enlarged liver and unhappy liver is not something to be taken lightly. It is vital to educate yourself and stay abreast to liver damage symptoms and take the necessary and needed steps to make improvements.

Liver Function Test: How does it work?

If liver damage takes place internally first, how can you possibly know the extent of the issue. The best way to understand the health and vitality of your liver is to perform a liver function test. Also known as liver enzyme test, this blood test can be taken during a routine doctor visit. The test is usually performed on patients if you are taking medication that might possibly harm the liver, you know you already have liver disease, you are a heavy drinker, or are if you are possibly exhibiting the first symptoms of liver disease (i.e stomach pain, yellowish or jaundice skin, nausea, etc.). The goal of the liver function test is to detect any inflammation in the liver, early signs of damage to the liver, and to ensure the liver is working correctly. By examining an individual’s blood, the doctor will look for the presence of two different types of enzymes. If blood test shows increased levels of both ALT and AST, this may suggest to the doctor that the patient’s liver cells have been compromised and can no longer drive the chemical reactions needed to metabolize nutrients and detoxify the body. What’s more, if they find increased levels of alkaline phosphatase or GGT, this might suggest to the doctor that the patient’s production of bile is not working correctly. Bile helps to digest fat, when bile flow gets blocked or slows it releases these enzymes into the blood.

The Harsh Reality: Signs of Liver Damage.

Liver damage, like all internal issues can be found in varying degrees of severity. At its worst symptoms of liver damage range from abnormal metabolism of fats (i.e sluggish metabolism, excessive weight gain, pot belly, etc.), blood sugar problems (i.e hypoglycaemia and mature onset of type 2 diabetes), to nervous system issues (i.e depression, consistent headaches, foggy brain). Individual’s suffering from liver damage may also find themselves with severe immune dysfunction, food sensitivities, autoimmune diseases, and onset of bacterial and parasitic infections. Finally the most visible warning signs are the external symptoms. These can be anything from bad breath and a coated tongue to yellow discoloration of eyes and skin and excessive sweating.

Steps Toward Recovery: Liver Health Supplements.

If you, a family member or close friend are at all worried that you may have liver disease do not wait a minute longer, call your doctor and get an appointment to see them immediately. If you’re thinking that you haven’t been treating your body with the TLC it deserves and have decided to finally give your internal, and external organs for that matter, a bit more love, consider incorporating an all-natural liver health supplement into your daily regiment. HRL’s, BioZyme aims to rejuvenate and regenerate your ailing liver. With a blend of plant-extracted vitamins, minerals and strategically chosen enzymes, BioZyme will help provide your liver with the boost it needs to get back on track.