Sleep Better, Live Better!

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Sleep is an Important Part of Your Healthy Lifestyle

In a world where the growing trend is to diet and exercise yourself to a healthier life, sleep takes a back seat. How many times have you heard the alarm go off to go to the gym on a dark morning and wished for five, ten, fifteen more minutes? The reality is, in our society, most of us need more sleep. And not just time laying in bed, but deep, restful slumber. Sleep is an integral aspect of our overall health and well-being, so when we sacrifice the nurturing benefits of sleep to fit in one more workout, we may be doing more harm than good to ourselves.

Here are a few easy ways to improve your sleep habits and enjoy a healthier, more productive daily life.

Artificial lights, including televisions, computer screens and cell phones all interfere with our bodies’ production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. When we introduce “daylight” into our evenings, the body is confused and we have less of the natural sleep aid melatonin to help us drift off and stay asleep. Make sure the room you sleep in is dark, and that you take a rest from the TV and your other backlit electronics at least 30 minutes before going to bed.

Create a relaxing ritual that will encourage deep sleep. Try sipping a hot, decaffeinated beverage like tea or milk, or start a routine of a few stress relieving yoga stretches. Bending forward with your neck relaxed and your hands holding opposite elbows, known as “rag doll” is a restorative and tension releasing pose. Ask your doctor to recommend stretches that are appropriate for you. Even soothing music and aromatherapy like lavender oil spritzed on your pillow can become welcome additions to your nightly routine.

Skip the Nightcap
Alcohol might make you sleepy at first, but as soon as it has metabolized in your system, it wakes you up. The sleep you experience is not deep or restful, and you awake groggy and dehydrated. The same goes for heavy meals too close to bedtime. Between potential heartburn and the energy spent digesting, your sleep will be hindered.

Skip the Gym
Did you know that while regular exercise will result in deeper, more regular sleep patterns, if you work out too close to bedtime it will actually raise your body temperature and interfere with getting to sleep. Give yourself at least 5 hours from the time you finish exercising and bed if possible.

Add a Natural Supplement
When you do your best to avoid caffeine late in the day, exercise regularly, maintain a healthy diet and even remove the television from your bedroom, and you still find yourself fitful through the night, a natural, side effect-free supplement may be a good option. Try a formula that enhances overall vitality and well being by packing both vitamins D and E, minerals, and enzyme into a daily dose. When you choose one of the best anti aging supplements that also offers anti-inflammatory benefits, you’ll find that joint pain will be alleviated, and you wake up refreshed, energized and pain free!

Give these tips a try and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.