Testosterone Levels at Every Age- Including A Natural Testosterone Supplement

Testosterone Levels at Every AgeAn individual’s chemistry and body composition is unique person to person. Determining what is “normal” is difficult and relatively subjective depending on the individual. Therefore when a male ages how does he know what normal testosterone levels should be? Something hormonal, like testosterone, can be so varied and can be affected positively and negatively by so many factors. it is quite difficult to access what is and what is not “normal”. The best thing to do is to assess average levels. Using real statistics will allow you to understand statistically what a healthy level of testosterone is depending on your age.

Testosterone Levels by Age

It should be noted that although statistically there exist average normal testosterone levels by age, other health factors, like weight, fitness-level, pituitary gland issues should all be considered when properly assess the information. Accredited researchers have noted that T levels statistically drop by an average of 1% each year after a male hits his mid-30s. So when trying to decide if you have a normal testosterone level, make sure to compare yourself to others in the same age bracket and not someone who is 80 if you are 35.

Testosterone Levels- Your 20s and 30s

Is it possible to have low testosterone in your 20s? Certainly weight and diabetes can affect testosterone levels at any age, but if you are a healthy male in your 20s often times supplements taken to gain muscle during weight lifting or mineral and vitamin deficiencies can cause a slip in test levels. A simple blood test by your doctor will give you valuable insight in these levels. If you feel healthy, and don’t seem to be exhibiting any low testosterone symptoms, than there is no need to be tested until at least your mid 30s. Because as noted, studies show that on average testosterone levels tend to start their slow decline, about 1% each year, after the age of 35. The key at any age is to listen to your body.

Testosterone Levels- 40s and older

Just because you are starting to age doesn’t mean that your testosterone levels will automatically decline. Often times men in the 50s, 60s even 80s have testosterone levels on par with their youthful minors. If you feel as though you are experiencing a few of the low-t symptoms: low energy, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction, the best course of action would be to strive for a healthy, active, and balanced lifestyle as well as considering an all-natural testosterone supplement. Both MaximumT and ICARIIN50, will help to combat many of the the debilitating and often embarrassing symptoms of low-t. They work naturally, to help improve stamina, energy levels, and overall sex drive.